July 24 – Keys to success and failure in web3 project launches

Keys to success and failure in web3 project launches: insights from an expert

Launching a successful web3 project involves navigating a complex landscape of technical challenges, market dynamics, and regulatory hurdles. Join us July 24th for an exclusive webinar where we explore the most important factors that determine the success or failure of project launches.

Our experienced advisor Dr. Nisheta Sachdev, who has guided many web3 ventures, will share invaluable insights.

In this webinar, we will cover:

✔️  Key success factors: Discover the essential elements that make a web3 project successful.

✔️  Common pitfalls: Learn about the common mistakes and challenges that often cause projects to fail. 

✔️   Tracer’s approach: Find out how Tracer’s team is committed to becoming the leader in carbon removal credit trading and aligns with the key success factors identified by our expert advisor.

✔️  Interactive Q&A: Engage with our expert advisor and the Tracer team during an interactive Q&A session. This is your chance to ask questions and gain personalized insights.

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Join us to learn the keys to a successful web3 project launch and see how Tracer is setting new standards in the blockchain and carbon credit markets. Whether you’re a seasoned web3 investor or new to this space, this webinar will provide valuable knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of these project launches.

Presented by

Gert-Jan Lasterie Tracer

Gert-Jan Lasterie

is Chief Business Officer of Tracer. He started his first company while still in business school, which became one of the Netherlands’ most popular websites that he successfully sold to American media conglomerate Vice. Gert-Jan is also author of the book ‘Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’.

Dr. Nisheta Sachdev

Renowned as “The Crypto Dentist,” is a standout figure in the tech and blockchain industries, whose recent recognition as a Monaco 40 under 40 laureate underscores her significant contributions and innovative approach in these fields.

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