How it works

The Tracer ecosystem is governed by the Tracer DAO, which is responsible for selecting Endorsers, managing the treasury, and ensuring the overall integrity of the system. Tracer tokens are used to align incentives within the DAO, as their value is directly tied to the growth and success of the Carrot economy.


Tracer token holders play a crucial role...

Tracer token holders play a crucial role in the governance of the Tracer ecosystem through the DAO.  They are responsible for voting on key decisions that shape the future of Tracer.

Comunity Organisation

Endorser Selection

The DAO is responsible for granting Endorser NFTs to trusted certification authorities and organizations that have the expertise and credibility to curate and manage carbon removal projects. By carefully selecting Endorsers, the DAO ensures that only high-quality projects are onboarded onto the Tracer standard.

Green Endorser NFT Logo

Endorser and project oversight

The DAO has the power to revoke Endorser NFTs or Project NFTs if they are found to misrepresent their performance or engage in fraudulent activities. This oversight mechanism helps maintain the integrity of the Tracer ecosystem and protects buyers from low-quality or fraudulent carbon credits.

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Smart contract upgrades

As Tracer evolves, the DAO is responsible for proposing and voting on upgrades to the Carrot and Tracer smart contracts. This allows the ecosystem to adapt to changing market conditions, incorporate new features, and address any issues that may arise.

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