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Learn how Tracer uses advanced blockchain technology to make the carbon removal market more transparent and efficient. On this page you will find information about our whitepaper, techpaper, webinars and much more. 

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Find out how Tracer enhances transparency, efficiency & liquidity and discover valuable insights and opportunities for potential participants.


Read the whitepaper here, to discover how Tracer is using blockchain technology to bring transparency and efficiency to the carbon removal market.


Discover how Tracer’s blockchain technology enhances traceability and liquidity, driving scalable solutions in the carbon removal industry.


Do you want to stay up to date with the latest developments at Tracer? Register for our upcoming webinars to get exclusive insights into our project, the newest advancements in the carbon removal market, and detailed updates from our team.

Tracer kick-off (Replay - English)​

Tracer kick-off (Replay - Dutch)


Stay updated with the latest developments in the carbon removal market, product innovations, and team insights from the Tracer team.

In our blogs we provide in-depth analysis, industry trends, and updates on Tracer’s blockchain project. Want to know the newest insights and how we are going to change the industry and fight climate change? Check out the newest blogs below.