Private Sale

Humanity faces the greatest challenge with the threat of global warming. Reverting climate could turn into the financial opportunity of our era. Join us in making the carbon removal credit market transparent and accessible, enabling wider participation for a sustainable future.


Take advantage of a unique opportunity to participate in addressing climate change with Tracer.

Token price

1 TRCR = 0.75 cents USD

Maximum availability

100 million TRCR tokens

Purchase example

A purchase of $100,000 yields 13.33 million TRCR tokens, plus a 20% bonus of 2.66 million TRCR tokens, totaling 16 million TRCR tokens.

Private sale duration

The private sale will be available until the end of June 2024.

Launching in 2024, the Tracer token presents a unique opportunity to engage in the rapidly growing carbon dioxide removal industry.

The Tracer ecosystem uses advanced smart blockchain technology to tackle climate change, while accessing a market projected by McKinsey to reach $1.2 trillion by 2050.

Focusing on scalable, cost-effective solutions, Tracer aims to meet global climate targets and ensure substantial economic returns for our stakeholders.

Join us in transforming the carbon removal credit market into a transparent and liquid marketplace, empowering broader participation and building towards a sustainable future.

Ticket size

The minimum ticket size is 10,000 USD. Please note that the allocation, the price and the bonus are set per month and sale period.


Bonus tokens are granted on ticket sizes above 25,000 (10% extra tokens), 50,000 (20% extra tokens) and 100,000 (30% extra tokens).

For example: with a purchase of 100,000 USD, an additional 40,000,000 TRCR tokens are granted, worth 30,000 USD.

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